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56 minutes ago, class26 said:

They are presently building a bridge over the M42 near Brum

yes and have been there a very long time doing prep (my regional office is 300m from the site). They were not on site in Aylesbury in March.


I build bridges (and roads) for a living so know you cannot pop up and build a bridge in 3 months so am curious as to what it is that was seen.

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Neighbour said that trees all cut down scaffolding up start of concrete work , its as you go towards H/Wycombe were the new houses are being built on the old hotel site and behind the goat farm. Thought that the road was being cut in two maybe its the baseworks for this.

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Work is really getting underway in the Chilterns.




If the video link below doesn’t play, click on “Louisa Currie” and scroll down her page to find it.



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10 minutes ago, m0rris said:

The photo looked a little suspect to me - quality of the image, as well as the landrover and dumpers looked too old and there's worker in the background that doesn't have much hi vis on....

Turns out it is one from the Chunnel project: https://www.railway-technology.com/projects/chunnel/


Indeed, direct copy of CTRL site picture:






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I admit that this has me a little confused: what is the point of someone having posted that, and reckoning it's HS2?


Not pointing the finger, just wondering what's to be gained?


The video looked suspect too.

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13 hours ago, black and decker boy said:

Do you know where is this 1st photo taken? (or source?)




My fault.

That photo was included in some twitter feed I found a link to, along with photos of the West Hyde south portal construction  site.

It is indeed a photo of HS1 construction.


Genuine HS2 photos here, showing the portal site...






More here....










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21 minutes ago, lmsforever said:

Shows how much I recognise my local area  ,goes back to maps foe retraining!

Not easy once the topsoil has been removed and the ground re-graded.

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[Includes an Edit: 15th July.]


Here is an aerial view of the first M42 bridge, construction site, close to the NEC car parks (seen to the right).

This bridge will carry a new dual carriageway across the M42, as part of a new layout of major roads in the vicinity of the new HS2 Interchange station.

The bridge piers are almost complete and the bridge span can be seen being assembled, adjacent to the motorway.
The site of the Birmingham Interchange HS2 station lies beyond and the HS2 rail bridge will be built just off to the bottom left.


Video taken a couple of days ago.




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Yes, it's remarkable how much of the route has already been marked out or cleared already (if I have understood what the images are showing?).

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