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Transport Models Preston Retirement Sale - Updated statement as at 15th May

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They were always good for paint etc,

I would go there with a shopping list of what I wanted and usually walk out with a lot more.


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Here is the full announcement from the website :-




The directors have had a meeting this morning regarding the future of Transport Models Limited.


Not only have we had problems relative to Corvid 19 (Coronavirus), one of the directors has drastic family problems Also Liz, one of the directors, who was officially due to retire at the end of June, due to age restrictions, cannot return to work.


Taking all the above into account, a decision has been reached that it is impossible for the retail business to reopen. Transport Models Limited therefore ceases to be trading as a limited company as and from 30 June 2020.


It will take a few months to arrange for the sale of all the stock, fixtures and fittings, and for the Unit in Oyston Mill to be ready for new ownership.


As and from 1 June 2020 any preorders can be collected in person, by prior appointment only, from the Unit. This has to be in line with Government guidelines.


Any queries at all relative to the above, I will answer in person. [email protected]


Both Mark and I have tried but everything is against a favourable decision.


If anyone would like to discuss continuing Transport Models as a going concern, please email Elizabeth on the email above.


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Sadly unfortunate - I thought there may have been a rethink and a glimmer of hope - odd that the internet age of trading didn't see of TM but the situation that we are in.








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Posted (edited)

Latest update from Transport Models:


The click and collect system will be in operation until mid August. The retail shop will remain closed and we are endeavouring to keep our website updated daily. Our remaining stock will be listed on the Kitlady site and Ebay whenever time permits us to do this. Phil, Mark, Kenny and myself will be here to answer queries.


My retirement date is now the end of August.




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