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Hi Peter.

I'm not familiar with the prototype, but that does look to be a wonderful, evocative model. Nice to see you're maintaining standards in these weird times. Hope you're all keeping safe and well.

Might try to get some more Delph/Holt buildings done once we can travel again, if you're not too busy.


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Hi Dave,

lovely to here from you, we are in strange times for sure, I hope you are progressing with ‘Holt’ would love to see some progress photos of how it has developed.

I think the last time we spoke, you couldn’t decide on wether or not it was a good idea to have the big Mill behind the station platform ha ha.

The house I constructed here, was how it looked around 1962 but it has since been developed in later times, extensions and the like.


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23 hours ago, Gravy Train said:

Didsbury Box




Nice, but it makes me realise that I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of the real thing. It looks like a standard Midland box like the old Airfix/Dapol kit.

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