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Alton Model Centre

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Hi All

Today I visited the Alton Model Centre to collect an N Gauge GWR HST Set that I had been looking for over a period of time.

Many other shops had long since sold out of these, including Dapol.

I contacted Alton Model Centre by phone and not only did he have one of these sets, he kept it aside until I could get there a week later.

Today, in attrocious weather, i arrived as the proverbial drowned rat at the shop !

I also took in with me a Bachmann MLV, that I had purchased 2nd hand, that I wanted to have a 21 pin decoder fitted.

The welcome and the service that I received was brilliant.

The GWR set was shown to me working. The decoder was then fitted and shown to me working and the MLV was found to already have a 21 pin decoder fitted! (Much to my surprise !!) But again time was taken to show me everything in working order, and no charge made for his time, etc.

I cannot praise them enough. An excellent paradise of a shop, that I would heartily recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the Alton area. (It is around the corner from Alton railway station, and the Watercress Line. The Flying Scotsman is in residence for the next couple of weeks.)

Here is their web address, https://www.altonmodelcentre.co.uk/

Well worth the long drive in the attrocious weather to get there.




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I travel from Reigate to Alton to visit the model shop. 


It has a fantastic stock and friendly service.


Alton also has the Mid-Hants preserved line, and several good pubs, so it's worth the train and bus journey.


Thane of Fife

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I used to commute from Alton to Waterloo for 3 years, on & off. On the odd days that I finished early, a visit to the model shop there was well worth it. The Mid Hants is right next door, and if you're making a weekend of it, try the Alton House Hotel, which is 50 yards along the road. 


No connection to either shop or hotel, but a very satisfied customer over that time.



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