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I’ve just been sent the first samples of 1967/72 tube stock which will soon be available from Radley Models. They’ve come out really well and the flush glazing seems to fit nicely.


I will assemble and paint the first cars over the next few weeks. I shall be making them up as 1972mk2 stock.







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2 hours ago, Mike Storey said:

Will you use the all-over silver livery, or the later small red panel?

1967 (Victoria Line) - all over silver

1972 Mk1 (Northern Line) - all over silver

1972 Mk2 (Bakerloo/Jubilee) - silver/red doors


Later all survivors were painted in corporate LU livery - white, red front, blue lower bodyside. The small red panel livery wasn't ever carried by these, that was used on the 1973 (Piccadilly Line) stock which whilst visually similar uses longer vehicles with bigger door standbacks for Airport luggage.

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I will be painting mine in the refurbished livery. 

The 1972mk1 stock was subject to several livery trials including the blue doors livery, upper blue panel (a 1967 stock car also also received this in combination with an interior trial) and the red doors livery (which was chosen as the corporate livery).


Several mk1 UNDM made spare by the conversion of some units to 1967 stock were also used as an experiment.

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While this particular model is considerably better the the awful one made by Metro Models, nevertheless this latest model by Radley Models has one flaw; the roof sides where they meet the body-sides appears to over-hang, whereas on the actual 1967/72 Tube Stock trains their roof sides were flush with the body-sides. One will need to take a fine-grade flat diamond file to file the over-hangs to create roofs that are flush with the body-sides. Aside from this flaw this model is a very good likeness of the 1967/72 Tube Stock.

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Is this where the vents above the window can be found. There is a slight overhang on the prototype but it appears to be exaggerated here. It can be filed without too many problems I would imagine. The vents themselves are not modelled so a strip of black lining should do the job here.

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