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My bodging and weathering antics: Back to the workbench

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Hello all,

This is my first time sharing my work on here, although I have been modelling for a long while before. Most of what I post on here will consist of modelling the railways of the Black Country/West Midlands as it is my home territory.20200310_191107.jpg.e064eeb1bc7ce208a6b6a6f6bc591e82.jpg



As well as this, I do like my red panniers. These red ghosts of the London Underground have always intrigued me, and maroon looks so nice on a pannier.


My favourite class of locomotive are the LBSCR A1/A1x terriers, so these will be seen quite often on here too.


I should be posting more on here soon (hopefully) so keep an eye out for that as I have plenty more projects sat on my rather cluttered workbench.


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To kick off this thread, I've started work on this Bachmann hall class. I've had it for a while and I've only just gotten round to working on it.


The previous owner seems to have attempted to weather it so it needs cleaning up. As well as this the cylinder draincocks were missing so some replacements were bodged up.


Admittedly not my neatest soldering job, but it does the job.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With the amount of kits I've got on the workbench at the moment, I think I should've put this thread in the Kitbuilding and Scratchbuilding section. 20200322_154403.jpg.47dffe086d20d64942a2bb54106060ed.jpg

Not to worry, I've got an equal amount of RTR models to balance out the workbench.


Either way, my workbench is rather full to keep me busy for a while. The hall class is an old Bachmann hall as seen previously. The LT pannier will be detailed and weathered like my previous model so I'll have 2 matching panniers. The 08 shunter was previously modified into a model of Diesel from Thomas The Tank Engine, and then seemingly dropped as some details were broken or missing.

20200322_161302.jpg.8b04625b45cdf136db2f471fa1afe800.jpg Therefore, I set about trying to repair the details on it. It's beyond my skill to replace the front grille that was lopped off to fit the face though, so the face will be staying after it's repainted to look a little less...horrifying. Hopefully I'll keep this thread more updated than I have been.

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  • B661Sutton changed the title to MHP's bodging and weathering antics: In which I wield a craft knife and paintbrush and hope for the best

And now for my next project, detailing up a Bachmann London Transport pannier.


This is a process I've done before, but this time I'll be posting how I did it on here.


Anyway, that's all from me for now. In these troubled times, stay at home, brew a cuppa and happy modelling.

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Thanks for your positive comment, although I have to admit I havent yet started work on it. That's not to say I've not been busy though. Firstly, the first LT pannier I detailed has now got working lamps.


The lamps are DCC concepts ones that I've fitted. There's one at the rear too but I haven't taken a picture of that one. As well as this, I've built a few bits of rolling stock to go with the engines based on pictures of London Transport engineering stock


They aren't the most accurate models of them, especially as the buffers are the wrong ones as these were just ones in my spares box. I've also built and weathered a Ratio GWR signal as a quick project.


Hopefully I'll be back with something more interesting soon. Until then, remember to stay at home and happy modelling.

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  • RMweb Gold

Excellent work,  I love the red panniers too.

Looking at the signal, I have rarely seen them like that. The posts tend to stay fairly clean, but of course subject to rust or peeling paint.  I suggest that The black weathering in this case could be much lighter.

Well done 


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12 hours ago, ikcdab said:

Excellent work,  I love the red panniers too.

Looking at the signal, I have rarely seen them like that. The posts tend to stay fairly clean, but of course subject to rust or peeling paint.  I suggest that The black weathering in this case could be much lighter.

Well done 


Thanks for your kind comments, and your advice with the signal will be useful. I was mainly working from reference pictures I had to hand of signals on branch lines as they were in the 1960s. They appeared to be rather grubby so I tried to mirror that look.


As for the LT pannier, I have a few projects I want to finish, and then I'll be starting on it.


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  • B661Sutton changed the title to MHP's bodging and weathering antics: I've gone barking mad with terriers

Recently I've finished a rather interesting project. As the terriers are my favourite locomotives, I have....quite a few of them. Most of mine are in BR black though so I wanted one in a different livery to stand out from my almost entirely lack and green fleet. Therefore I decided to model 32635 Brighton Works. In 1947, this terrier had been repainted into Stroudley Improved Engine Green and, apart from a few renumberings (377S, DS377, 32635), wore this livery until its withdrawal in 1963. To model this engine, I decided to start from a Hornby A1 terrier in the right livery as repainting an A1x terrier into such an ornate livery is far beyond what I am capable of and bashing an A1 into an A1x seemed easier.


It was rather daunting to start bashing such a lovely model, but I managed to muster up the courage. The conversion was definitely helped thanks to Matt Wickham producing an A1x conversion kit containing a replacement smokebox, coal rails and sandboxes to go under the running plate.20200503_192939.jpg.035c1efe76e005633fd1a44a723b2798.jpg

As part of the A1/A1x conversion, a new boiler was fitted, which had the dome further forward than on the A1s as well as some additional pipework so these needed to be added too. The dome on the original model was carefully cut out and moved further forward, checking the position against drawings and prototype pictures. The pipework (presumably for injectors and vacuum brakes which were later retro-fitted to the terriers) was mostly made from brass handrail wire of varying thickness soldered to some handrail knobs. O gauge handrail knobs would've been closer to the size of the actual fittings but the OO ones I used look acceptable once a bit of solder was added to 'beef them up' a bit.20200504_174607.jpg.a8932441f16800b4e764e9ec9c245500.jpg

As I can't upload more pictures than this per post, I'll have to split this up into separate posts. Part 2 up next.

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Terrier bashing part 2:

The A1 smokebox needed chopping off so the 3D printed A1x smokebox could be fitted. This part was the bit that slightly unnerved me but luckily went rather smoothly. 20200504_115435.jpg.447984f04fcbcfe3686abd72934dcf0b.jpg

The splashers were retrived from the smokebox part and the sandboxes chopped off with the hole filled in with plasticard. As well as the splashers, various details were retrieved from the original smokebox and fitted to the model (handrail knobs were replaced as i broke the old ones - whoops).


Sandboxes were then fitted with 0.3mm wire for the sand pipes (not seen here) and RT Models lamp irons were also fitted. The vacuum/air brake pipes on the bufferbeams were actually made from a cable tie, cut and painted. The lubricator pots on the front of the tanks were also included in the Matt Wickham/Bluebell Model Railway conversion kit and these were painted and fitted to the model.


With those details touched up and painted, the next task was to work out how to give it its name and number. This is where things got a bit, erm...interesting. The last part, coming up.

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The final part of the terrier bashing trilogy:

 As I wasn't able to find anyone who made the correct lettering for LBSCR locomotives, I decided to try making my own custom transfers. I made my own artwork on an online version of Photoshop. These would then be printed onto decal paper, and applied onto the model. When I first tried it, I forgot that a layer of varnish would be needed on the decal paper to stop the print from running. The result was that the printing ended up dissolving in the water. 2nd time ended up better as I remembered to coat it with varnish, but it did require several coats. 20200509_163304.jpg.ccb382552870c63b8ecec389dabea3a6.jpg

Then I applied the decals and the background colour turned out to be rather noticeably wrong. As there were still traces of the original identity underneath so I couldn't omit the background and leave it clear. In the end, I just hoped it would be hidden under weathering. After puttong real coal in the bunker and a driver in the cab, I weathered it quite a lot (maybe more than what was realistic) but I was surprised it came out rather well. Although grubbier than the actual Brighton Works, it still has the look of a grubby works shunter so I say that it's a good job.



The custom decals seemed to have created an interesting effect as they have 'worn' edges showing the white backing. Again, that is rather inaccurate to a steam locomotive but could work for a more modern locomotive which has sections of the livery rendered with vinyl decal panels. This project has definitely been a bit of a learning curve. I'll probably redo the decals one day as now I know how to work with custom decals. Otherwise it came out rather well so it'll do for now. 

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  • B661Sutton changed the title to My bodging and weathering antics: Back to the workbench

Goodness me, it's been a while since I've posted anything onto here. Since my last post on here I've now moved to university, though I've still been busy working on models.


Firstly, I detailed up the other Bachmann LT pannier I had. Since then I have sold it.




Next up I've also got one of Hornby's new Large Prairies. I was impressed with it but I still had a go at sprucing it up. The front bogie got heavily bashed and detailed and the rest of the model got a few details to make it a BR example. Now it's 4147 as it was when allocated to Stourbridge in 1965.




Another detailing project was a Hornby Clan. This was less of a detailing project and more of a restoration project as, although I got it cheap, it needed a lot of TLC to get it to even go. After a few days of trying to get this crock to work and replacing any broken details, I renumbered it to 72006 Clan Mackenzie and gave it my usual filthy weathering treatment.




After looking for another project to do, I came across the Planet Industrials conversion kit to make one of the Pensnett Railway Andrew Barclays. As the Pensnett Railway was very local to me, I decided to have a crack at it.




Although I had previously spruced up my grange (as seen in my first post) there were a few bits that I wasn't impressed with. These were mainly the weathering on the loco chassis and the smokebox door. So I had a bash at these.




My latest project was a DJModels 14xx. This lovely model didn't need much doing to it apart from fitting screw links and steam heat pipes (the detailing pack was missing so i made my own) as well as an ashpan for it. It got my usual weathering treatment too.




Earlier this year, I completed my first kit build. A Westward Terrier kit on a Perseverance chassis, painted and weathered as 32661 (previously 61 Sutton).




I've also been experimenting in P4 gauge too. Starting with my old Bachmann pannier that was done up as 8718, I decided to give it a spruce up and convert it to P4. Some bodging and a new High Levels chassis kit later (as well as a coat of filth), this is the result.




Another P4 engine I've done is a Judith Edge Hunslet 16 inch 0-6-0ST. The lining on it isn't my best work but it otherwise looks like a grubby industrial in my opinion.




That's all I've got for now. Hopefully I'll post more things on here in future. In the meantime, stay safe and happy modelling.

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