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Rhb Simon

Building a djh Duke of Gloucester in EM help.

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I really wasnt sure what part of the forum to put this in but it's a question so thought it might be best here.


I have a djh kit for Duke of Gloucester I plan on building in EM. My question is regarding the chassis, how have people gauged it to EM? I was thinking of using some markits em frame spacers to widen the frames but will this be all it needs or is this going to throw things out? 

I have converted them before to EM from 00 but as I'm building it from the off I want to make it in EM. 


Has anyone done one & how have they done it?

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Posted (edited)

I think most will say that as the DJH chassis is quite basic, replacing it with a Comet Britannia one will be the best way forward. The DJH DoG is short compared to the prototype so will fit the Brit chassis better.


You can see the difference is these pics, the DJH is considerably shorter than the Golden Arrow resin body. 



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I cannot add specifically to the actual kit, but to converting/building chassis to EM gauge and the couple of DJH kits I have


The first thing I did was to get a selection of different makes of frame spacers, EM gauge own brand and comet, both of which are a flat flush fit and a pack of Mainly Trains which has lugs as do Perseverance


Prior to building the chassis I would always check the body first to see if either the body and or the chassis need altering to fit. I am currently building chassis for a Southeastern Finecast SR E1 & Wills SR E2.  The former has an early style etched chassis where the existing 00 spacers were useless and the chassis needed a treak at the rear to fit the footplate. The E2 was built with a jinty chassis, the footplate on the footplate needed a bit of surgery and modification


I have four or fixed DJH kits/part built and built locos, the chassis vary from goot to basic to one piece 00 gauge fold up type, this latter type will be cut up into individual frames


In the past I have used hornblock guide jigs/rods and sheet glass and Comet frame jigs to good effect. I nos have a Hobby Holidays chassis jig, expensive but a great piece of kit, Poppys  do a much cheaper version which many are very pleased with




I would say unless you have a specific reason for using an alternative chassis, use the one provided by the kit manufacturer which is designed to fit the kit. I do appreciate Redgate's comments which whilst being correct may introduce additional issues, I am not saying don't do it, just explore any issues it may throw up. My E2 is a compromise as there is no chassis available other than Alan Gibson mainframes, its is using a chassis I had to hand of the same wheelbase as the chassis it was designed to use


The other thing in EM gauge is to check the wheel clearances especially with where valve gear and cylinders are concerned, many kits and components were designed for 00 gauge


Above all else enjoy yourself

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Washers on the screwed spacers will do the job. Cylinders and motion brackets need to be altered but you can take advantage of this to put the cylinders at the correct distance apart instead of the DJH (far too wide) spacing.

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