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Last year my 6 year old showed an interest in an n gauge layout I had been building for sometime. 

I said I'd build her something and went about thinking where I was going to put an oval of track.

At Christmas I bought her a 2nd hand Thomas on line and found Annie and Clarabelle in our local model shop.

However, after assuming she'd like a roundy roundy affair, I noticed she particular seemed to be in to shunting wagons, so i hatched a cunning plan to give her somewhere to run Thomas and me somewhere to run some small locos and wagons.

I want it to be fun for both me and her.


Since Christmas, I bought some new furniture, had big sort out, rejigged her room and found a space on top of a chest of drawers to place a smallish board.


I'd been getting some bits together for a while and found the track layout I had in my head worked when I put templates down, so about 2 week ago I set about finishing the board. Predicting the current shut down would come sooner or later I made a couple trips to my local model shop to stock on bits and finally completed the wiring and wire in tube point operation today. I have 1 siding at the front and 1 in a fiddle yard behind the back scene to lay, but everything else is down and working!


I've put some cardboard packing up to give a sense of where the scenic break will be, but I haven't quite decided how it's going to be finished yet.


This is only my second post on here so I hope I've got in the right category. 






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What a great idea and a fun way to share your interest with your daughter!


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So a bit more info on my offering. It's named after the road I lived on growing up and also where I built my first and last 00 gauge layout.

It's 120cm by 48cm on 6mm MDF with a 3cm X 1cm battening to keep it ridged.


I've wired it for DC on code 100 peco track utilising 2 X small Y, 1 X small left and 1 X small right (all electro frog). To keep it compact I've made a sector plate using a length  of set track. This pivots to allow for running round a short train and was supposed to give access to a siding behind the back scene for storage. However, I have just realised I've made a schoolboy error and failed to take in to account the shelf bracket above which is foul of the sector plate when it swivels to enter that siding......


Now, where's that drawing board?

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A small amount of work done yesterday, but enough to really make a difference. Sector plate and lines leading in to it relaid to new alignment to allow for a single siding behind the back wall that doesn't foul the bracket for the shelf above.

I also started to cover the cardboard packaging to form a suitable retaining wall; it's far from finished, but I think makes such a positive difference. I need to design and make some capping stones and also work up a design for girder bridge that will cross the scenic break. 



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