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I thought that this little layout is probably more suited here on this thread, it’s more of a cameo/Diorama style layout, it being only 5ft long by 18”.

its sort of still in development and although I model EM LYR, this was built with and for the Grandchildren ‘ to get them off the I pad ‘.

It  is also  an excuse to get the Iain Rice thing out of my system, I have grown to like the GER, ever since the writings of a Barlow & Rice back in the day ‘East Suffolk Light’ and all else that followed thereafter.

i have come to brain freeze at present, wondering how I can develop the right side of the layout beyond the Bridge.

everything that is modelled there is temporary, so we could exhibit it locally in what looked like a complete set scene.

I would love to here your comments and ideas as to how I might develop this area.

the scene is very loosely 1970 ishhh.

I’m also using Kdees permanent magnets, AMR handheld controller through a home made power box contains a Gaugemaster transformer.

for interest, I have uploaded photos from its beginnings, to we’re are now.





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An exquisite piece of modelling there and right up the Barlow and Rice street. Thats quite a rate of progress in the 23mins since the first pictures were posted. From bare baseboards to finished layout in 23 mins, unbelievable...

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Hope you succeed in getting the Grandchildren off their ipads.

It would certainly do it for me. :)

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