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While I am working from home (supporting operational colleagues on the Tube with revised schedules), I've been using the time I've saved commuting to the spare room each day instead of London, by making the Scalescenes boxfile layout. 


A couple of under construction pics to start with, showing the side and front openings cut away, base layer cut around where the track goes and then track in and hardstanding laid. 


The first structure done and temporarily in place to check clearances. 


And a 'capacity check' to see just how many wagons I can  put on there ;p

(9 x 10' wb vans/opens. In practise I'll operate it as a 3-2-2 inglenook, with 5 wagons in play at any time) 


Track is Peco Code 75 with a cut-down short radius r/h point - this was salvaged off an old layout but the tiebar had snapped. At least this way it doesn't just get binned. A simple plug-in fiddlestick with wired fishplates just gets attached to whichever of the 3 tracks needs shunting. 






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Very neat.


With my first boxfile I made the rule that the lid had to close, it adds a real challenge to hide all the building break points.


I used a Peco loco lift as the fiddle stick, but it does need a little room to fit as it's not really intended for angled joints.

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Thanks for posting this. I have made a start on my own over the last few days, and your photos have encouraged me that the bashing I was intending to do (omitting the hopper, turning the enclosed conveyor into a smaller pipe conduit) will be feasible. I'm not intending to use a box file, but to include this at one end of a micro. Not quite worked out the other end yet, but it will include an (already built) Scalescenes terrace as a view blocker. 


Yours looks great! 

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Many thanks CloggyDog, for the very clear, useful photo's.  I've been working on one of these for ages, with an hour snatched here or or there at a time.  You've given me some encouragement to get on with it.

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1 hour ago, Bungus the Fogeyman said:

So when are we going to see a pic of you playing with this on a train a la Barbers Bridge then Al? :dancer::D


Disgusting of Market Harborough


Given I've not been on a train since mid-March... 


It'll happen at some point. 

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