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Met Appendix to Working Timetable 1921

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My father, Ray Wood, joined LT at Neasden Steam shed when he was demobbed in about 1948.  


There's quite a few pictures of him in the book Red Panniers.  An old driver gave Dad the Appendix to the working Timetable, published by the Met in 1921.  


It's got headcodes, whistle codes and all sorts in it, including a few bits that deal with freight loads, maximum loco loads, siding lengths, gradient profiles etc.  


I'll put a few images on here since it may be of interest.


Best regards


Matt Wood




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Posted (edited)

And some other images which might be if interest- incl Neasden Steam shed and the car sheds.


Nearholmer of this Parish, recently mentioned the phrase Motorman, in a post - reminded me that Dad always referred to tube drivers as Motormen.  He loved the Panniers, pull anything - stopping was the art- but he thought they were brilliant with a fair turn of speed.


He laughed when he went to see L44 at one of the first Steam on the Met events - he felt the right away with her was a bit pedestrian and he said the old Girl used to pick up her skirts much more energetically when he drove her.  Always rather liked the F class, have a photo by CRL Coles of Dad on a train of bogie opens somewhere near Missenden with L52.


I hope the images are of some, admittedly historical, interest.


Best regards


Matt Wood 




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Hi, Matt,

Great stuff.  IS it possible to see what's in the Instructions for the 'Widened Lines' section at all please?



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