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Spotting days mid 80's to early 90's has now been PRIVATISED

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I've enjoyed looking through the last few pages, reminding me of a time when other things in life started to become more important. One last bash to Scotland, then taking in the east side of England on the way back.  These snaps were taken in June 1988, starting off with Motherwell.




And then on to Queen St



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I've only just found my first batch of Scottish photos will get round to posting them eventually as I've nearly finished scanning in the box of photos, only for my dad to find 10 more large albums full.


For now here are some more from Margam.  


margam 06.png

margam 07.png

margam 08.png

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So much was disappearing, during  the late 80s and early 90s, old friends, the class 20, 25, 26,33, 40,  85 ,on the scraplines,  the Bashers had figured it out , travelling across the Channel to escape BR and see the French/German/Belgian/Dutch Railways scene.




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2 hours ago, slg said:

Here are some more from Crewe.




Do you have any more photos of the class 150/950?


I'm very much enjoying seeing the photos although there are far too many trains that warrant modelling!


Steven B

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Never saw it much in its early days sadly, I think this is the only picture we have but with now over 1000+ photos still to go through you never know.

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Here are some from Tonbridge all day photos but my best memories of going here was visiting in the evenings standing on the footbridge with a strong torch and trying to get the numbers of the 33' & 73's. large logo livery made some easier than others especially those mainline intercity liveried one with the small corner numbers.

tonbridge 01.png

tonbridge 02.png

tonbridge 03.png

tonbridge 04.png

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