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58 minutes ago, PenrithBeacon said:

Are you intending to retail these? I'd certainly be interested in buying one if you do.


Me too, as well. It looks good.


Kind regards



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Your work on this is very impressive, well done. Can I make a couple of comments on the roof/chimney? The current CAD shows what looks like a fixed cover plate over the chimneys but it should be a sliding cover that was opened when the loco was in use and slid over the chimneys when out of steam. The attached drawing 11127 shows how this was arranged.


Chapter Eight in the recently published book 'Sentinel Locomotives and Sentinel-Cammell Railcars' by the Industrial Railway Society mentions that the cab on the two S&D Sentinels was too high as first delivered to Radstock and had to be lowered by 2 1/2 inches and the chimney casing shortened by 4 1/2 inches. The somewhat imperfect drawing 11126 shows the alterations made.


Incidentally your CAD correctly shows just one opening coal bunker door on the left hand side of the cab. The superb CSP kit for these locomotives also includes a door on the right hand cab side which is not correct.






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Thank you, those drawings are of great help.  That part is the most difficult part to see on any photo, and the original builders plans did not make it clear. What I had was no more than best guess from what I could see, I will work on modifying the CAD using these. Thanks again.


Also, It is interesting what you said about the cab hatches,  It's funny I have been looking at pictures of the radstock engines for 30 odd years and never noticed that it was only on one side until recently. (Joyce has hers other way around and a slightly different shape).





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Done a bit of drawing lunch time :



Thanks again H16LSWR



After looking at the drawing again today, I think I have these plates  upsidedown, will edit again lunch time




I think this is more like it:








PS my grandfather and great grandfather both worked at Longhedge works in Battersea



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Re: "PS the IF part is a big if after yesterdays fail, I seem to be getting further away from a good print, but then again I have only had the machine for a couple of weeks."


You seem to be taking on a lot with the learning curve for a new machine.

I would love one too, in 4mm. I have posted elsewhere to file with Shapeways.



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