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Clubs with own premises - water supply during lockdown

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As some of you may be aware, I am secretary of a Non League football club. The following was forwarded to me by our league. Apologies if I'm teaching anyone to suck eggs here, but thought it was worth sharing as it will apply to non-sporting organisations/groups as well;



The SCFL said; "

I am conscious that during the current period where premises may be unoccupied as a result of coronavirus and the curtailment of sport,  there is a duty to ensure that the risk of exposure to users by Legionella is properly assessed and controlled.   I am particularly thinking of pavilions, club-houses, toilets, changing room facilities and groundsmans' stores/work areas.   If you have responsibility for Club premises where there is a water supply then the following information and advice is extremely important.

Legionnaires' Disease is a pneumonia like illness caused by the Legionella bacteria and can be fatal. The infection is caused by breathing in small droplets of water contaminated by the bacteria. The disease cannot be passed from one person to another.

Legionella bacteria are found in the natural environment and may contaminate and grow in water systems, including domestic hot and cold water systems. They survive low temperatures and thrive at temperatures between 20 - 45°C if the conditions are right. They are killed by high temperatures at 60°C or above.

The risk from Legionella may increase if the property is unoccupied even for a short period. It is important that water is not left to stand in the hot or cold water systems. As a general rule, all outlets on hot and cold water systems should be used at least once a week for at least 2 minutes to maintain a degree of water flow and minimise the chances of stagnation. For long periods consider draining the system. Make sure that the system is flushed through when it is re-occupied by running all outlets for at least 2 minutes.

I would suggest that you arrange for these precautions to be carried out at least once a week until the various systems are in full use again."


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