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Virtual Members' Day Exhibition - the layouts

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We couldn't hold our annual Members' Day event in Taunton this year, scheduled for Sunday 26th April but what we are doing is bringing you that plus much, much more in virtual form.


This topic is for the layouts (not) attending and will open up for set-up on Sunday morning at 7.30am. I know there is some cracking content to be shown, some favourites from around RMweb plus some content we've not seen. Layout owners have been snapping away and editing videos ahead of the day and getting into the spirit of the event; it's been great to see. What we will see, by the end of the day, is one of those shows (which if actually held in the real world) would become legend. And if you weren't there you missed out on something special.


Stu Hilton has put so much into the organisation of the original date and I owe him many thanks and look forward to next year; he says...



I'd like to add my own thanks to all those who had agreed to come to the actual Members day, with their layouts or demo or trade stands. Some were coming from a great distance too, which shows how high a regard this event is held within the forum.

It had promised to be another great day, with several new layouts on display, as well as the chance to be scanned by Modelu for your own little person.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the 'virtual' show just as much, please join in if you're able, and please either purchase a raffle ticket or donate to the NHS fund.




This will be a time to enjoy, so much ahead of the day has focussed upon the fundraiser for NHS Charities Together which has had a phenomenal response from the modellers and trade. You can still purchase draw tickets up until midnight tonight and the draw will be held on Monday 27 April.


I shall not be there bright and early on Sunday!


(Topic will be unlocked at 7.30 on Sunday)

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Keys?.....Gare de Brindille is not set up and not ready to go - bit earlier than normal..one of the team seems a bit keen..I don't remember the floor being that sloping before...

Set up and ready to go.JPG

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1 minute ago, NHY 581 said:


Any way, where am I going? 




.....a difficult one there Rob...something many of us ask ourselves I'm sure ...a bit early in the day....

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Have a good time everyone, the Taunton event is a highlight in my calender and the virtual event has been very good so far and thanks to all for putting it together.


Regrettably having cancelled the leave I had booked to spend the Weekend in Taunton, I have been rewarded with a double stock + switch replacement* this weekend on the prototype to deal with instead (plus I'm on 12hr nights).



*point replacement in laymans terms.


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3 minutes ago, Gilbert said:

Let the show begin.

Andrew Burnham has kindly agreed we can use these images of Gare de Brindille that were taken by Ian Manderson for Continental Modeller. They are way better than anything I can do!




Great images of a lovely layout - lots of beautifully observed detail.

You didn't say, but is this 4mm?


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