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Hi All


I’m nearly finished with my Ratio Bogie B van so it can (incorrectly) run as a tool can with my crane but I’ve hit a snag. The pack of transfers which came with it I assumed acted like normal transfers in that I skied them in water and they would separate from their backing paper. However this didn’t happen despite me leaving one in for an hour. Can anyone advise where I’m going wrong? I was going to use my HMRS sheet but they don’t have the right words in the gold font.






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Many thanks to you both as you’re correct they are Pressfix. Just getting to grips with the process, it would have been nice if they supplied more ‘guard’ and ‘luggage’ signs, but I should have started with the numbers I guess. 

Final question- are pressfix strong enough to weather and varnish?


Many thanks

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Never used Ratio pressfix, but the brands I've tried are fine to varnish over and then weather. But you do need to varnish them pronto if they are old. The glue gets very weak with age and they flake off if you look at them wrong.


Since pressfix transfers don't have carrier film, they don't need a coat of gloss varnish underneath to avoid silvering. They just need varnish on top.

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