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Signal Box Anstey Leicestershire

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This is my local LMS run by Martin Smith and have been a customer for 15+yrs since getting back into the hobby.

I have a birthday coming up and contacted Martin to see if he could source me Princess Elizabeth - 6201. When he went to the shop, which of course is 'closed', he contacted me and said he had one left. We sorted payment and the best bit was that he personally delivered it to me!!

That's why your local LMS is so important- they'll often go the extra mile for people they personally know. But don't always expect them to price at the box shifter figures. Nevertheless Martin is still competative.

I thoroughly recommend him and his staff.

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Very nice shop, knowledgable staff, plenty of stock (and good value second-hand stock too). Dropped in when I was in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks before lockdown.


I was sure I recognised Martin from the local garden railway club years back, but wasn't quite sure enough to say hello. So there's good knowledge from larger scales and proper trains with real fire in their belly as well then! Not many shops can boast that.

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Another long-time customer right back to the days of the Coalville shop (albeit with a very long gap while I was living 180 miles away), and definitely to be recommended- I've had quite a few secondhand bargains from them in the last few years.

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Thanks for all the nice comments and reviews everyone!


We're reopening the shop (hopefully for the last time!) on 13th April so Martin and the gang would love to see you again and help get your layouts back on track! We update our website most frequently with our updates so keep an eye on that for any more information and special offers www.signalboxanstey.co.uk

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