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N Gauge - platform distance to inner rail


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I don’t use N, but at 2mm to the foot, doesn’t that mean 5 feet away. Even allowing for overhang of carriage, sounds a long way.

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2ft 5"  which is about 4.85 mm is the scaled down distance in 2mm / ft scale, but a lot of N gauge stock is massively over width and most N gauge and model platforms in general are much too high so test your own stock and make sure your stock runs past your platforms.

If you set the platform height to less than 3ft, 6mm above rail level  (3ft is the Maximum allowed not a target) and allow the coach bodies to overlap the platforms as per full size then you can get some quite pleasingly close clearances on the straights, its just some locos valve gear is so unfeasibly wide it will clout the platform.    Choices, a) Put the offending loco on eBay, b) make the entire layout suit the rogue engine(s), 

As a quick glance check Platform tops should be below buffer heights, GWR locos like Halls had the widest parts of their cylinders 3ft from the ground hence conflict with high platforms.

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