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CMX Track Cleaner Cleaning Pad Replacements

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Can anyone recommend any fabric for the CMX track cleaners?


A video online recommended some herringbone type fabric but the tweed sort I've found... well I'm a bit worried about it leaving strands around the layout.


I'm sure I've read of others using cord type material.


Any recommendations warmly welcomed. 

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The material roll that came with my CMX when new was corduroy. I don't use the cleaner much (layout most of the time covered in junk!) but it seems to be reasonably durable and not shed bits that I've noticed.

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My wife found all sorts of bits of similar fabric to corduroy in her sewing box and even cut them to size for me...


They work absolutely fine and I can throw them away after they become too dirty.

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I think CMX recommend corduroy upholstery fabric as it has a backing on it. I bought a strip 100mm wide from a local shop earlier this week. Cost about 4 dollars. Just cut it into narrower strips as required.




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