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Recommendation for motor bogie

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I'm quite new to the scratch building scene which has so far consisted of a handful of wood and plasticard wagons and a WIP shunter body on a proprietary chassis kit.


However I've got a strong desire to scratchbuild a railbus of some kind, initial sketch idea consisting of a cross between a GWR railcar / Parry people mover.  I'm thinking of a modellers plywood floor for rigidity with a plasticard body built up on top.


Would anyone be able to recommend a good motor bogie for such a project?  It will be battery powered with switches.  If I can find something durable for around £50 that would be ideal.


Edit - forgot to say, my scale is 16mm on 32mm gauge track.


Thanks in advance


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Swift Sixteen do ready-to-run 32mm motor bogies, but they are a bit more pricey at £80.  Or you could pick up an old cheap and cheerful Lima O gauge diesel shunter or class 33 motor bogie on EBay if you are happy to put up with the noisy spur gear drive.  I used to use them for all sorts of 16mm scale projects in the past.  I do like your design - can you please keep us updated on progress?



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Thanks David, I will post any progress as/when(/if!) it occurs.  Appreciate the advice, I’ll look see what’s available on eBay.  I saw the Swift Sixteen product but it’s too pricey for my budget.

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