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Seeking advice on Farish 371-651A Class 57/0 57008 'Freightliner Explorer' (weathered)

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Hi - I had a very early Chinese production 57/0 (which I am very fond of) die over the weekend - I’m thinking the easiest thing is just re-body onto a chassis from the above mentioned donor 57/0.... in part, for two reasons....


.... please can anyone confirm if the PCB for 371-651A has a push-fit 6pin DCC socket, ie. no soldering involved (which I am rubbish at).... if so, ideal opportunity for me to upgrade this loco to DCC :)

.... does it also have the new white nylon(?) gears (supposedly less prone to splitting) as per the very latest class 57 production run?


thanks everyone for any advise you can provide :good_mini: !

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Hi JR_P,


I found this (371-651A) on the Hattons database website:


The recommended decoder in the text appears to be a 6-pin unit...



No guarantees the information is accurate but I suspect it probably is correct.

As for the gears - hopefully someone else can help out though I think I do have one but cannot find it at the moment!




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The new chassis has a 6 pin DCC socket aqccording to Hatton's and they are pretty good at getting the details correct.


My main concern would be whether your existing body will even fit on the new chassis, especially as the new one has lights and a new PCB for DCC.




John P

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Hi both, thanks for your advice/suggestions :) !


.... presumably Hattons have got their facts right and they are not recommending a decoder that cannot immediately slot straight in :blink: !


To be honest, I never even thought to look at Hattons - since their spat with Bachmann began and they ceased getting new Farish arrivals (is that an oxymoron :rofl_mini: ?!), I’ve pretty much totally stopped shopping with them.

In terms of compatibility, it should be a direct swap - the body fits directly onto the very latest Cl 57 (GWR livery) that I have, but the light arrangement is different; my old 57/0 was I believe in the first batch to have working lights - it must be circa 15yrs old, so has done well to last this long!

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