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The layout has gone to a good home in Bristol (Not me) and is in the process of being converted to P4.



The above shot shows the P4 track superimposed on a nearly vertical picture of Ruyton Rd. The specification for the plain track was 24ft rail lengths with eight sleepers per panel. Sleepers to be 9ft long.

The Templot templates will be used to produce the new track and the A6 point. 

The two B6 points have already been built using interleaved sleepers.


Gordon A

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I'm so glad it's gone to a new home Marc, really sorry I couldn't take it on myself.


It's good that it's being converted to P4, I remember when John was planning it, he and Brian had many discussions over whether to do it in EM or go the whole hog to P4.... :)

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Track lifting has commenced.







The pictures are not mine but I do have the consent of the owner to post.


I have printed out the Templot templates and handed them over.


Progress will be slow and careful.


Gordon A

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