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Peartree Green Dock- 00 Gauge dock layout


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I’ve had a little bit of a running session this evening after popping some wire loops on the sentinel and 05. 

Also given the new warehouse and it’s companion at the back a wash of Matt black to give them a bit of a weather.







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Hi all 


latest update is that some lights have appeared on the layout, they are from Layouts4u and work off 12v DC, already have the resistors soldered on which is a plus. 

Just need to get myself some yard style ones and then also a few more of a different kind for the old part of the dockside. 







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  • Markmiller2008 changed the title to Peartree Green Dock- 00 Gauge dock layout- FOR SALE

Hi all


With much regret i have decided that Peartree Green Dock is For Sale.


It has served the purpose i wanted it for and i think it is time to move it on to someone who may wish to continue it.


The layout comes with all buildings, point motors, decoders, lighting etc, however this is no controller included in the sale.


I am looking for around £500 for the layout, stock can be included for a further price if you wish.


Please contact me if you are interested in buying the layout.


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  • AY Mod changed the title to Peartree Green Dock- 00 Gauge dock layout

Sorry to read that you have decided to move on Pear Tree Dock, but if it means a new chapter in your modelling then I, for one, am looking forward to what you do next. Whoever buys it will get a cracking layout for the price - only sorry that I currently don't have the funds myself to be able to make an offer, as at this time with my new job I can't see progressing my own layout/s for a good while, and a finished layout would at least let me grab the occasional half hour play operating session.


Good luck selling the layout - I am certain someone will snap it up at what is (IMHO) a bargain price.


Steve S

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