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Exclusive OO Gauge Class 89 produced by Accurascale

Oliver Rails

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And good on you!

I may be swayed by one of these, even though I'm not an electric guy.

Although please stop using a price of .99 - nobody is fooled by that marketing trick from the early 90s anymore :P

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Not my era really, but I have declared interest as by then I'd like some late BR stuff. Would get the livery it is going to be repainted in currently so that it would work both present day (if it ever runs again) and back then!


Will be amazing if Hornby do some new mk4s. This, a 91 and a HST set would make for some great ECML running. Although now I seem to be struggling to see pics of it running with Mk4s in IC livery, I thought it did!

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Brave from both Accurascale & Rails thus will follow this with interest even though completely outside my era thus my wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

Having said that if the Class 89 returns to mainline duty as stated in the literature then yes I will get this model if the future preserved train is modeled. 



Question for Rails/Accurascale

Would you have plans to model the Preserved Class 89 in whatever livery if it is returned to the mainline or is this strictly based on the ones stated in your flyer?

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28 minutes ago, 66738 said:


Could you look at going into talks with Cavalex to see if the MK4 part of their binned project could be resurrected? As at the moment, we don’t have a top drawer MKIV (or even a MKIII) to run with the 89 (if it went ahead) or Hornby’s 91. 


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  • RMweb Gold

Hello everyone


All the best to Rails and Accurascale with this possible project.


The loco has been consistently High Polling and often in The Top 50 or very near. In 2019, it was overall 9th position.


Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)

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Fantastic project, I have to say I’ll almost certainly cave to a GNER gold example if/when these become available. Great memories of being obsessed with GNER-liveried electrics as a child (never forget being whisked from KX to Doncaster on a 373 for the works open day in 2003) and when I first found out about this engine I thought it was the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread.


A D Class for ‘proper’ modelling and an 89 for the shelf — an odd combination, but cheers Rails!



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2 minutes ago, PJT said:

May I just say, 'Nothing in it for me'...


... just trying to give the announcement that authentic RMweb feel.


Good on you, chaps.  I wish the project great success.  A very high profile gap in the range plugged.


Pete T.


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I shall self-upgrade to PROPHETESS.... I am Prophetess Hayley :D








As much as I am excited by this announcement, I shall have to decline. I've put a lot of work into my own CAD and since I can have it done at a cheaper price, I'll be saving quite a few bucks. Also quite recently we've seen many smaller manufacturers trying to raise the bar and the end result is all the bells and whistles but quite a few issues as well. I'll hold off until Accurascale released locos like the Class 55 and Class 92 before I place an order.


I'd love one in N gauge, since Accurascale and RevolutioN Trains have a good working relationship, I hope they partner up to bring us an N gauge Class 89.


Best of luck with the project!! I'm eagerly waiting for my Class 92 and maybe then a Class 89 from Accurascale.



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