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Best way of joining several wires togther

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21 hours ago, WIMorrison said:

ScotchLoks are IDCs for splicing into wires without breaking the wire, whereas with Wago need you to split the wire which you cannot do in a loom or cable bundle.


They are complementary to each other, not subsidies for each other


I will concede that, but had already kind off hinted at that with the guitar string remark.


The point I was making was prior to the availability of Wagos, ScotchLok was the only viable non-soldering screwless way of connecting/splicing wires that did not require a specialist tool. It is my opinion that wiring into a loom is probably better done with a ScotchLok but if wanting to take a solderless approach to wiring then I think Wago is superior in that they take a wide range of wire sizes unlike ScotchLok where you have to consider which connector to use in relation to the wires being joined.


After all, there was a recent thread here where the same topic was discussed and I think you contributed to where the OP was about to splice wires together where the thinner wire he intended to use was outside the specifications of the particular connector he was going to use.


As I have said before I have no particular objection to ScotchLok but there are pitfalls for the unwary whereas Wagos offer a more universal method of joining different sizes of wire which I think starters in this hobby would appreciate.



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