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GWR 150 Celebration DMU’s

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17 hours ago, Neil Phillips said:



It has been done........by Ian Metcalfe, builder of the 4mm Cornish china clay layout Pengwynn Crossing, based on the inevitable Lima Class 117. An article on the layout, including a photo of the unit, appeared in BRM April 1995 (I had to pop into the loft to check that!) and I think it was featured in Railway Modeller before that. If I ever read somewhere how Ian recreated the BT livery over all those door hinges and handles I have long forgotten, but it was a great job!

I always remember seeing that in the magazine and looking on in absolute awe. That was before print at home transfers as well, it was certainly a very impressive job, small advantage of (I assume) him taking a load of square on photos but with the disadvantage of the tech to make relative easy manipulation and subsequent use of them being some years away!

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Notes have been made to T305 set and after an incident it was sent to Doncaster and the trailer car 59520 was repainted into full GW livery on one side by Doncaster.


Actually, the whole unit was involved in a derailment at Tyseley, where the units leading power car went down the fuel road, and the rear power car went down the through sidings, the trailer went down the bank between the two.


The brake end of the power car was heavily dented, this was repaired by me and repainted in the same choc/cream as the rest of the power car.


However, the trailer (59520) was sent to Donny for repairs, but some how it was further damaged and returned to TYS with scorched paint on one side.

I set too and repainted the trailer on one side in the full GWR livery with the darker GWR brown, it also had maroon window inserts as per standard GWR coach livery, the lettering was all hand painted only the coat of arms being a proper gold size fix transfer, from the original manufacturers.




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