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John and Kath Essex

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So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and their family.

I didn't know Kath or John, but a double tragedy that their lives were cut short and in such rapid succession. 

Too many lives are being lost because of Covid, both directly to the virus and indirectly as patients with other conditions struggle to get treatment.  So tragic that John managed to get the treatment he needed only to contract Covid in hospital.  This is a very nasty and virulent virus, unfortunately not something everyone appreciates.

Kath and John are together again, looking down on family and friends and smiling.

All the best,



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Mark, I hope it gives you comfort that we are now all aware of this lovely couple who were so good to you.  Thanks also for 'sharing through the tears'; very brave and noble of you.


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John was a retired BT Engerneering tech and he taught me about wiring. 
they were a vital part of my life and I will miss both of them. 
we use to go to shows exhibiting his layout Livsey Lane and who ever Caused the first cock up would have to buy the first round of Doom bar beer ( it was always me for some reason ) :laugh_mini:  . 
Kath would always be on hand with a hug and a chat and sometimes food what she had made. 
I am hoping his layout will be able to continue on the circuit in memory of John and Kath. 

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