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New Roco Ae 8/14 No. 11851

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I was so enthused when Roco announced they were going to produce this monster and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, now that I've seen it, I'm disappointed. The standard just doesn't seem up to Roco's recent best. It looks plasticky. It has no pretence of a corridor connection between the two halves, just an outline of where it should be. Also, on all the pictures I've seen of it, the bodies do not seem to sit level on their chassis and the wheels are appalling pizza cutters. Other Roco models have been retooled with wheels that seem close to RP25 finescale standards but the Ae 8/14 looks like a throwback to the standards of twenty or thirty years ago, with wheels that are frankly unacceptable on a model costing close to £500 for the DC version and well over £600 for the digital one. The pantographs have also been changed from what Roco used to produce to a new version that has two very unprototypical tails hanging down from the bow which are used to keep the pans in the down position. The old version used a method that not only worked well, but which did not detract from the very good appearance they had. I do not know what Roco are playing at but I can say quite categorically that at that price, and for the quality on offer, I will not be buying one.

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HI Swissrail, thank you for posting this, I I have been thinking long and hard about purchasing this model, but  the only thing things that delayed my purchase was obviously the price and quality, well, you have saved me a hell of a lot of money and disappointment so thank you. 

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