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Bachmann Ivatt wIth Zimo MX658 and Firebox Flicker SOLVED

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Hi guys i'm in  the process of fitting DCC sound and firebox flicker to the new Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-2T


Ive been following the youchoos guide on how to do this: 


Purple wires soldered to the provided pads for speaker. Firebox glow wires soldered to the +VE and FWD pads on the board - we are using the FWD output for the firebox glow, as there is no pad provided for FA2/AUX3 - pity, but it doesn't matter as we are not going to be adding any directional lighting. Some simple CV changes required to ensure that the FWD output is non-directional and gives the random flicker lighting effect.




The loco takes a next 18 chip and you see they advise how to attach the firebox flicker. Apparently its simple as a few cv changes, however they fail to mention how to do this in the guide and I cant find anything on the website either. 


Any suggestions as far as I can tell F6 is set up as default to Aux 3/FA 1/ Coal shovelling sound 

Where as the firebox flicker is currently on F0 


So far the only thing i've been able to manage is to move the sound onto F0 so they work together. I would prefer to move the firebox flicker to the F6 key so I assume i need to swap Aux 1 and Aux 3 around. I'm using JMRI decoder pro so if there is a simple way to sort this then I'm open to suggestions or if it is just a case of re writing a few CV's.


Many thanks 



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After firing off an email to youchoos I've had a prompt reply from John Gymer who advised me of the following cv changes. 


To assign random flicker to F0Fwd, you need to set CV#125=8.


You also need to ensure that F0Fwd is operational in both directions, otherwise you’ll only be able to use it going forward, so set CV#34=3.  This will also be to operate the LED on FKey0.


Finally, if you would like FKey6 to operate both the coal shovelling sound AND the LED, then you need to set CV#40=1.


Top customer service from the guys at YouChoos I must say. 


Hope this is useful for anyone who is trying to add a firebox flicker and DCC sound  to newer Bachmann tank engines. 



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