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Bachmann new LNER J72 - space for Sound decoder?

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Dear All,


As I intend to install a sound decoder into a Bacchy J72 (new model), I may kindly ask of someone has got the maximum dimensions for a decoder. I prefer to use a Zimo decoder, the question is if an MX658 N18 fits, or if the smaller MX659 N18 is required. 


Thank you.


Best regards


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I normally do my own fitting but for this one I had Digitrains install the Zimo decoder, speaker and a stay alive.

The loco is excellent - I'm sure they'll advise what decoder is required.


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Since you prefer to use a ZIMO, here's one I prepared earlier (For Hornby Magazine Issue 153)


This has my authentic J72 sound project recorded from the only existing real J72 and available only from Digitrains.


This has a ZIMO MX659N18 (because that's what I had available at the time) but an MX658 will fit easily.


The speaker is already included with the model and is fitted below the PCB, you can see it in the picture below.


There are solder pads on the loco's PCB to which it's possible to connect a stay alive. The Kung Fu pictured will give up to about 8 seconds running and sound. This duration can be shortened with CV153.



Bachmann J72_Cutaway.jpg

Bachmann J72_Stay Alive Connections.jpg

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Using the aforementioned Digitrains Zimo (no stay alive - but might get one later) here is a short video I took with the NER E1 doing a small shunt.


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