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Trix mfx and digitrax DCS52

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I have some Trix mfx equipped locomotives and the sound on off is controlled by F2. However, the function only works as a single press. That is if one wants to leave the sound on (the puff puff for steam engines) one needs to keep one’s finger on the ‘2‘ button ...


I wonder if this can be solved during CV programming. MFX decoders Auto program themselves when linked with a Trix mobile station. This is not so with the zephyr. CV29 value is 34.

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It may be possible to move the sound-on to a different function key with programming of the decoder,  but that needs a Trix MFX manual, or an expert in MFX. 


For the Digitrax DCS52, from the manual you're stuck with F2 being momentary.   Sometimes stuff which works in older Digitrax hardware works on newer ones, but is not described in the newer device manual.  *At your own risk*  this is from the DCS50 manual to latch the F2 key:

1. Press and hold the hOrn/2 key.

2. Press and hold the exit key.

3. Release the hOrn/2 key

4. Release the exit key.

If you try it, please report back whether it works or not.  


An alternative way out is to add a second throttle which doesn't latch F2, and the easiest throttles which don't latch F2 would probably be a smart-phone.  

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