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Recommendations for loco sound

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I recently acquired a Hornby R338 class 29 diesel (DC) and a Hornby Stanier 4MT (DCC), and i'm looking to put both DCC sound (and lights) into them both.


However i'm also trying to reduce the very high cost of doing this and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable Hornby TTS sound decoder match for either of these locos. 


I've read on the Hornby forum a suggestion of the R8116 S15 TTS decoder for the Stanier 4MT as it was a very similar 2-cylinder design to the 4MT but these decoders seem to be as rare as rocking horse manure.  Unless any has one out they want to sell on ...?


On the class 29 diesel i note that the Paxman Ventura V12 engine was also used (in slightly different forms) in class 14, class 42 and class 74 locos but Hornby don't seem to have made TTS sound decoders for any of these models.


I'd welcome any suggestions of both sound decoders and directional lights (although i think the lights will be far easier to sort out as there's plenty of after market kits out there). 

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Hi, I would just have a listen to a few different TTS installations on youtube and pick what you think sounds right. A lot depends on the speaker so whatever you get ditch the Hornby one and replace it with an aftermarket one. I have a J36 chip in my Q1. No one else knows....okay they do now , but it's my loco my layout. I'm waiting for the 08 to come back in stock to fit to my Janus shunter - I am applying the same principle there too.

Good luck 


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The closest sound to a 29 decoder in TTS would be the Valenta HST, you would have to buy a pair and try to sell one on. If you end up buying a more expensive decoder for it you might be better off just ditching the Hornby model and buying the new Dapol one.



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On ‎12‎/‎09‎/‎2020 at 23:55, Piscator said:

Hello Grande Maurice. I have a s15 TTS chip that is surplus to requirements if you are interested.

Hi there,

I was not aware that Hornby had produced a TTS fitted S15, or a separate TTS for the S15?


Can you post a pic of the box  for the loco if an original fit, or the decoder if supplied separately?


If you confirm the S15, and you still have it I would be interested for my S15?


Many thanks


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Hello Tallpaul69. Sorry, so much interest in the decoder it has been passed on. It was brand new, unopened box.

Try Hornby spares dept. Suggest you write direct. Although Hornby website says not available I know the service dept often hold back items for warranty claims and the like.

I confirm Armands post. R8116 available as after fit. Easy installation

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