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Bachmann Slate Processing Building Question

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I think that is a cutting shed. Those bays would be  stone in or out. There are some piccies here...

Power for machinery was generally in a power house or belt line engine house.. If I'm correct, there should be means to run slate (on railborne trucks/trollies) up to or away from those 'chutes' .....it's been a loooong time sdince I studied this industry!




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I stumbled across this post looking for something else and am a bit late to this party, however, it hasn't been properly answered. Yes this is for waste slate. The wagons would be beneath the dressing tables above. Running the length of the back of the building would be the tramway bringing the quarried slate in. Along the middle of the building would be a row of saws and the front would be the dressing tables. I assume the model has a door on the side at the back?

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