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Farish 101 brass contacts

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Hi -  may be a daft question but I picked up a couple of these 101s last year and have started to weather/detail them.  They're one of my favourite models with superb detail and run really well, only thing is the brass strips (just above the bogies on this photo) are a little prominent - has anyone tried applying a little black paint to these and if so did it affect the running qualities?  I've noticed the lights on the dummy can be a little flickery (on DCC with sound) though bending the little brass contacts on top of the bogies so they were a little more vertical seems to have helped.

Many thanks




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13 hours ago, Dr Al said:

Yes, You can simply paint the visible areas with a dark grey paint. Done it countless times on Farish and Dapol with this type of pickup system.


Ah, that's good to know, thanks Alan.

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Some questions if I may...


Ive been given a farish 101 dcc fitted apparently in regional railways livery.  First, what are the two little switches in the underside of the power car for?  Second, how do you get the body off????


Thanks for any advice!



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There are three or four clips along each side of the body which is a very tight fit on the chassis.


Using something blunt but thing (finger nail, plasticard etc) gently prise the body from the chassis. It may help to slide some plasticard between the body and the chassis to avoid the clips re-locating. On fitting I've normally filed down or removed one or more clips to make it easier to remove the body at a later date.


I don't remember switches being fitted to the Farish 101. If it does then it will be to allow DC users to turn the lights off.


Steven B.

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