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I post this with some trepidation, in case I am drawing attention to a resource that everyone on the planet except me is perfectly well aware of. However...


While looking for inspiration for a goods shed for my layout, I came across a book on the Historic England site, entitled 'The Railway Goods Shed and Warehouse in England' by John Minnis (with Simon Hickman). It comprises 129 pages, and is well illustrated with contemporary and present-day photographs, plans of typical goods shed types, and one detailed plan/elevation of a specific shed. Well worth a look if you're interested in such buildings. Apart from anything else, I was entertained to see that one goods shed is now a Majestic Wines outlet. The book can be found on the Historic England site by searching 'All publications' in 'Images & Books', and on the relevant book page there is a link to a (downloadable?) PDF version of the full text. I haven't put in a hyperlink as I am not sure what RMWeb's policy is on such things..


Apologies if I have committed a transgression of the grandmother/egg-sucking variety.



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26 minutes ago, DSC said:

I haven't put in a hyperlink as I am not sure what RMWeb's policy is on such things..

Links to outside info is fine, It's pinching pictures then re-posting them without credit which is frowned upon.


John Minnis is a really nice chap and I await his next book as I've had a preview of some of the images for it at a society meeting.

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