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30 minutes ago, Right Away said:

Time Travel

Perhaps a little too contrived for some tastes and for that I apologise, but the temptation won!

The motorman about to enter the cab is my late Dad. The source photo, dated as 1968 at Ford, Sussex, home today of the Gaugemaster store is also attached. Being one of the “camera never lies” generation, it would be interesting to speculate as to what he would have made of digital image “jiggery pokery” let alone the quality of today’s modelling.




I like that idea, about putting a pic of a family member into a pic of one's layout.  I have plenty of deceased relatives I could try that with, but I guess finding a suitable image would be a challenge.  I don't have any, that I'm aware of, which are railway related to use as an inspiration like you have done here.  On a similar tack though, I did try putting a picture of my son into a video I took of the layout early on during lockdown.  It was really basic because I don't have the tech really, but he thought it was hilarious, seeing himself in a video of the model railway which he was sitting next to as he viewed it.  

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