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1 hour ago, John Besley said:

Is that a cement works judging by the dusty grime?

This part (Tarring Neville) is shared between BR, off of the Seaford branch and the Cement works at South Heighton. I believe the builder of the layout plans to make the cement works as a layout at some point and join the two layouts together. 

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Another visitor, a Delaware & Hudson Alco C424 road switcher seen at the ore loading facility at Colonel’s Crossing. She has just coupled up to a cut of loaded bauxite ore cars.

Photo by Andy Knott


Peter M


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NO PLACE is set in the early seventies or thereabouts.




An unexpected Royal visit (with corgi) to the preservation site has caught Sir Topham Hatt on his day off , though the press seem to have been aware.  In the background schoolboys Barry and his mate John wonder if they'll end up in the Tower if they ask for autographs and the bodyguards stand back out of the way.   An immaculate E1 class waits to take the couple down the line.




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A few photos of a typical 1950’s yard switcher lurking in the yard at Benson. She is an Alco S2 1000 HP with Blunt trucks. Judging from the paintwork and general condition she has just come out of the works after a major overhaul.

Real Alcos have a large following of fans mainly because after idling for any length of time they emit huge quantities of particulate emissions, black smoke to you and I.






Photos by Andy Knott


Peter M


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