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I’m wondering if anyone produces a model of a penny farthing in o gauge, I really need one for a special figure I’m making for my layout. The rider had a canary yellow lined with black penny farthing and it would make a fantastic model. If a model isn’t available is there a plan or kit available? I mostly make balloon shaped animals but I make thin people too.

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This looks like a great model, it’s perfect for my model. Is the model available unpainted or will I need to repaint it? Do you know if anyone makes boneshaker or similar old bicycles too?

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On their website (https://www.arttista.com/), you will see it described as a "Man on High Wheel Bicycle" (item number 1616), with separate prices for painted or unpainted, so in principle, yes. But I have never seen them sold anywhere as anything but painted. Maybe if you contact them directly, you could get the unpainted version.

It comes as two pieces - the bicycle (solid black) and the rider. I glued them together (and added a piece of grey-painted brass as a base, so I can put it down anywhere on the road.

I haven't looked for a boneshaker. S&D Models (https://www.sanddmodels.co.uk/) do a number of whitemetal bicycles. I have one with a basket on the front for a delivery boy, and one with onions hanging from it, and a "Johnny Onions standing beside it.





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'Ordinary' or High Wheeler' please!  'Penny Farthing' is a derogatory term shouted at riders by street urchins.:rolleyes:


I have a friend who only rides Ordinaries.  To him, bicycle development ended on 31 December 1899.  He's ridden them all over the world.  Seeing him come down steep hills with his feet over the handlebars is not for the faint hearted!  He (and his family) have been on the telly a couple of times in the recent past riding them (and other old bikes).


I've ridden one a couple of times. Getting started is not that easy at first - but getting off (safely!) is worse!


TBH, making one shouldn't be that difficult.  They're a very simple machine.  Wire for both frame and wheels should suffice and a suitable figure 'modified'.  They are sized by the diameter of the front wheel which relates (more or less) to the rider's leg length and what he can readily reach from the saddle.

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