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Early this year, as it looks like there won’t be an ex L&Y class 27 RTR for the foreseeable future, I acquired a reasonably priced Bachmann C class and an AJModels (via Shapeways) print of the body. On arrival the print looked pretty good, but I more or less parked, as I was busy with other things. When I finally got back to the project, I realised the print lacks the smokebox retaining clips ( or clamps - instead of a dart), which are quite characteristic of almost anything that emerged from Horwich (or Derby and several more for that matter. Andrew at AJM has corrected the CAD at Shapeways; but they’re not going to accept a return at this stage, especially as it’s had a coat of grey primer.


So, before I embark on the DIY route, does anyone know of a supplier of these small items? I’ve looked at the websites of most of the usual suspects and found nothing, but may have missed something.


If there’s nothing out there, the DIY route could involve small pieces of Plastikard micro strips. Alternatively, I have a Bachmann L&Y radial tank that could act as a template for moulding the clamps. I thought of putting a blob of Maskol on each clamp, or maybe over the whole smokebox door, then using the peeled off Maskol as a mould for tiny amounts of  Milliput or Plastic Putty. Has anyone ever tried such a thing; would it work?


many thanks


John D

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Do any of the whitemetal kit suppliers do something with a suitable dogged smokebox front? They might be worth approaching to see if they'll sell you the individual casting. 

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Craftsman used to do a whitemetal casting for the smokebox door. Unfortunately they are no longer going. Keep an eye out on eBay.


But I wouldn't have thought it would be that difficult to fabricate something from bits of scrap.


I don't know whether it's the correct technical term, but we used to call them dogs.





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