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Scalescenes Arches Shop in 3mm

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Been playing around with tiny dioramas based on a sheet of A4 paper recently, and here is a little detail,  one of the Scalescenes "shops under arches" reduced by 76%, and tarted up with a bit of interior detail, lights, and a few 18mm figures.   All printed on ordinary inkjet paper on a cheap Canon Pixma  - the figures are from China, £3.75 for one hundred un-painted little people!




Rather a cruel close up, the base of the arch is only 75mm wide.   I've made these before in 4mm scale, and they are a nice way of adding some interest beneath an arched  viaduct or brick retaining wall,   but for me quite challenging in 3mm scale!

Cheers, Mike

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Thanks for the likes and support!   Perhaps I should now explain the origin of Newton's "Verso" Flake, so prominently advertised beneath the window of Carpenter's shop in the pic above.

The Newton Tobacco Company (1943) Ltd occupied large premises in Newton Saint Aldwyn, a fictional town in an OO gauge layout I started some years ago, but never finished.  Here it is:




In truth, it's pupose was to diguise a fiddle yard below, from which wagons could be shunted and stored  in hidden sidings under both the roadway on which Pickfords are delivering a new transformer, and the road behind the wall on the opposite side of the cutting.   

The whole thing was lift-off, located on metal dowels, and two of the rooflights were made from perspex, so I could see what was going on!  It worked surprisingly well, but came to involve things like proximity sensors inside the storage sidings, and both the roadways had to be lift-off (and accurately dowelled) also, to deal with the odd derailment.

I eventually abandoned it because it became too complex - I enjoy a challenge - but modelling is supposed to be relaxing, not an endurance test!  Oh, and Verso is an anagram of my surname - and it isn't Servo!


Cheers, Mike

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