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Kerr's Miniature Railway

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I was sorry to see in today's (Dundee) Courier that the wee 10¼" railway at Arbroath is to shut down next month after 85 years, due to lack of custom. I used to look forward to a run on it as a bairn visiting Arbroath to see relatives, but I am as guilty as anyone in not taking my own kids more than once or twice, and not having stopped off for a look for years now.


Does anyone know more about the line's future ?



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I was sad too - there's a statement on the line's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KerrsMiniatureRailway/videos/3156216254468584/


Back in my childhood (rather a lot of years ago) it was great treat for my brother and I to travel over to Arbroath from Forfar for a ride on Kerr's Miniature Railway.  Back then it was busy, and traction was all steam, and in the mid 50s as many as 60,000 passengers rode the line in a single year.  It was only a short ride, but we loved it, with the added bonus of the ECML running alongside - invariably we'd see full size trains rush past while we were on the wee one, and the mainline drivers always used to give us a toot on the whistle.  Times have change rather dramatically since then - although the line is little changed save for the fact that steam is seldom used, passenger numbers last year were only 3,500.


As for the line's future, it seems likely that it'll be moved to new location under new ownership.  It appears that there have already been a number of expressions of interest.


Here's a picture of the line in busier days.




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The line is closed this weekend due to the weather, but next weekend (10th/11th October) will see the line's grand finale, with every available loco working.  Ironically, with all the publicity the line has received over the closure, it's been very busy over the last few weekends.



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So sad to hear this. We often stayed with relatives in Arbroath for our holidays and remember going on it a few times when i was young.

Always used to look for it on the way in on the train - when you saw the Red Lion & Elliot caravans on one side and Kerr's and Pleasureland on the other, you knew you were nearly there!

I presume the 08+vans in one of the pictures will be heading for the Metal Box factory at Elliot?


(c) Kerr's Miniature Railway

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It was extra sad to read that apart from the obvious problem of falling numbers using the railway, there was the ever-present problem of vandalism over the years - aided no doubt by its relatively isolated location

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