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Voyager test train (?) on S.R. Central Div. August 2020.

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Dear all,


Sorry if this has been happening for a while and is mentioned here elsewhere; my visits to RMWeb are not as frequent as ideal.  Tracing an engineers' train, top and tailed with 73s, I overtook on the way to Sussex on Tuesday, 11th Aug., I came across the attached "623R" (Obfuscated): a Voyager unit under Civil Engineers' control.  Does anyone know what these are being run for?  As the railway descends into a Serpell-like network, surely there can not be new services planned, restoring the lovely Sussex-Kensington Olympia-northwards trains, can there?  If there are, may I vote for Eastbourne as a destination, please!  Any info would be much appreciated.  Hope this is of interest to others.  Thanks.


3 Bridges Voyager SR 110820.pdf

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Aaaah; many thanks 'Red Kite Rail'.  Thought it was too good to be true!  Sorry to clutter up the board.  Best wishes to you all.

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11 hours ago, Wickham Green too said:

Wouldn't a tamper from Eastbourne to Manchester be more comfortable than a Voyager ??!?

Smell nicer as well :bad:

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