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Hi folks, 

just thought i’d pass on that if you want to fit a flywheel motor to the D16 that X6627 seems to fit without modification. My D16 used to stutter a bit but is now silky smooth.  X6970 (for the K1) also fits but are like rocking horse poop.


Tally ho!


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I've just fitted one of these, thanks for the tip. It just slots straight in and running is much smoother with no jerk when pulling away. I meant to fit a K1 motor but didn't get around to ordering one before they all disappeared.

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I think I'll end up doing the same with mine, but what I have found is adding extra weight to the tender, some lead from an old 4 wheel Hornby 4 wheel coach to be precise, helps. With smoother running. Seems to run a lot smoother with the extra adhesion (if that's what you can call it), I think the tender pickups like the extra weight. Haven't noticed half as much stutter since putting the weight in & stopping is a lot smoother. 


Here she is any way, slightly repainted from the horrible factory weathering & with a couple details added, not that it shows what the extra tender weight does... She is a looker! 


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