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Dear all, 


I’m sure we were all saddened to hear of Adrian Swain’s passing after a long illness.  It set my inner historian thinking and having rooted through my catalogue stash from long lost businesses, I’ve found that my copy of his last catalogue (the blue one) didn’t survive the last house move.  

So I was wondering if anyone had a copy they could scan and post here both for posterity and to encourage anyone who might be thinking of resurrecting the ABS/Four Most range. Indeed any catalogues of Adrian's other ranges would be very welcome to add more interest in and information on his contribution as a businessman to our hobby.




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Here a scan of the cover of my copy from 2006. Ignore the graffiti. Can scan the contents if anyone is interested. I used to ask Adrian regularly if he'd make his Pipe wagon BR D1/461 kit available again. Would be great if the range were to be resurrected. Still have racks of his wagon detailing packs to use.




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Must say, I find old model railway catalogues quite a poignant read. On one hand they transport one back to one's modelling youth. And on the other, they confirm what we have lost? Recently I acquired a 1978, 009 Society Sales catalogue. I received my first copy of this publication through the post in 1978! Reading it through brought a tear to my eye. 

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