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When you have more scales of trains , then will it help when your building surroundings in an era you want.

I have HO and N scale , for example , i have an typical Dutch trainlayout where i can move my trains run a round .

Sometimes the club  which I am a member of, asked to build a sort of diorama , when it-s open days  in the weekend  

once a year.






Many negative responses are  by members in an another forum, decided me to stop my contribution there to tell how it´s make.

There also positive feedback but  a wee good suggestions.


My 2nd micro is  50cm long and 20cm wide, the height is 25cm.



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When it comes to the finish,  then you take care of small details such as the finish of the whole micro.

This micro is not ready yet,because i must make some modifications to it ,it's nice to add extra things to make it even more lively.




The framing is important for the overall picture, especially if you want to go out with it.


The letters on the wood strip come from a cheap all-hand shop, the name Rue de industrie in French means street of the industry.


in the end I chose to make it a Belgian or French theme. L91976 is a made-up number that indicates the railway line where the industry lies. 91976 is also my year and month of birth, kind of a pun.

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But in The Netherlands where i live not, as you´re translate from Dutch language to French ,then  this is the solution.


Moreover, it has to be a word joke and it does not necessarily have to be good. You can think of things in your own imagination that don't happen in real life.Thanks for the remark.




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When you see all those beautiful and special minis on this forum, among other things, you will automatically feel like building something to your own taste.

I already have quite a bit of experience with building these kinds of projects and now it was good to start building something new. I wanted to share it with others and with people who are also considering building something but not really daring to by trying things out you gradually learn to look at them more critically.


My inspiration comes from the internet, a place where I have never been but I can imagine how it could be. Google maps provided the solution for me. After all, I have a locomotive and an inspection train. During one of the holidays. s I bought a second locomotive, keeping in mind that after the holidays I would do something with it.


Google Maps, where I had already taken my inspiration from before, was turned back on and I soon learned that I didn't want to recreate the exact plan, I had to make a choice and consider what was important to me.


In order to make a small layout, I thought that the most important elements of the example should come to the fore. There also had to be some personal things like giving it a personal twist. In my case, that worked out quite well.


I know that many forum members read my topic here, maybe it is to use an example, you can always ask how or what did I do with it.


A tip that I want to give everyone to be able to start or not yet tack, just start !!. If it doesn't work in one go, keep trying. By trying several times, you will get a better result. Decide what is important to you !!.

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Inspiration 2



The last few weeks I have been mainly busy with decorating my micro. Pictures like wanting to help in real life help me to progress.


Without it becoming overcrowded, and that is quite fast with a project of this size, it is important to see what you can and what you should do.

In the future I will expand it with another piece, in the form of a separation between the existing part and the part that is to come. You then get 2 viewing boxes with a separation that are still connected to each other. The separation ensures that I can also park certain trains out of sight.I show what I mean by means of a schematic drawing.I also took some examples from Google maps to give you an idea.


pure1.jpg Pure, French.













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The extansion



In the meantime I have started to expand on the whole.




The plan , is almost te same  except the industry and will portray a local nationwide station, which will be near the end of the shutdown.

Gare de Chiots , Chiots means puppy´s ,a word that I would sound typically French and again a kind of joke.

For the future , i thinking to buy a railcar ,so that I can commute with this.


The environment is dressed a bit messy as it happened in those days when the railway lines were on the verge of disbanding.


The extension can also function as an independent whole.

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Today i´m started to paint the diorama to build , next time when it was dry i´m gonna lay cork with Piko A railflex.wires i had before 


The rails are painted in a rusty colour and now it´s time to go ballast.

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When the ballast is dry, the i glue in between some grass-polls and some heather .

The next days i am starting with the scenery around the track.




A little scenery is a start of what become of a temporary end of the track , where you can find the trees and shrubs between the track.

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The next days , you gonna see more , meanwhile i bought a new locomotive for my microlayout .




The SNCF C61000 is a very cheap model from Jouef by Hornby.

It runs very quiet and i was satisfied for the results .

The cost of the loco is E43,78, it´s a aburd price when you gonna buy a loco from Roco ,you pay a lots of more for a 

simple shunting locomotive.

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Change of direction



When you like everything and sometimes find it difficult to make the right choice, it is sometimes useful to look further from what you actually want.My experiences with HO is many times that in N. Purchasing equipment is such an issue.

So in HO I think almost everything is beautiful, which is why I made a conscious choice to go for Belgian and French. Small-scale because at least it remains fun and handy. you can always see how or what.

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21 hours ago, AlexClass4F said:

Change of direction


When you like everything and sometimes find it difficult to make the right choice, it is sometimes useful to look further from what you actually want........



Yes, it's so easy to lose focus, either at the planning stage, or indeed once you've started building.
For me though, it's one of the positives of building micro layouts - you don't end up spending too long building something that you aren't happy with

Of course, the other side of that argument, is that it makes it easier for you change your mind - so you can keep swapping & changing.....
With the last layout I nearly completed, I started off with re-using a baseboard (something I don't normally do) so I had to tweak my original design to fit the board
Then I started adding other bits ;- buildings etc that I wanted to re-use / recyle... and it looked nothing like my original design.

If I'm really pondering, I look at prototype photographs of the sort of scene or atmosphere I'm trying to recreate.
I focus on the "elements" I want to include, and look at the ones I don't want to include, and work on the design to incorporate the desired features
Of course, this involves several attempts at sketches, and plonking wagons, locos and buildings onto a piece of wallpaper which is cut to the size of my basesboard(s)

In short, lots of "humming and ha-ing" and cups of tea and chin scratching ;)
Best of luck with your design & build :) 

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Thanks Marc, I appreciate the words you said.


In the meantime I have put together the stop / station building of Chiots and this will be given a paint job, so that it does not look so plastic.


Last afternoon I took some pictures for the atmosphere that I want to share with you.






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Thanks , i´m be proud of it , it´s my 3rd micro that becomes more seriously to build.

Today i am gonna make a kitchen garden, with some vegetables.


You can usually come across this along the railway line, it doesn't have to be perfect, but rather messy.

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This thing makes it , when you build a layout , especially when you have details on it .

Details , you don´t see without light.I use  a led-stripe with a dim effect that you can set,

You can make a choice in an expensive or cheap solution , the choice is yours , there are a lot of in and outs  to choose the best way what

you want.







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