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Hallo Alex,
Ik kan niet echt Nederlands spreken,  maar ik heb veel Nederlandse vriend hier in Frankrijk!  
Bravo, your model looks very nice, and you are absolutely correct about the lighting, and also about being able to alter the intensity, it brings the display to life!

Grtz from France,

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Hello Mike,


When you don´t speak Dutch , you can also understand it wih the same hobby. then is the language less important.

You can say it with words were you talking about it .I understand the dutch words you send to me .Dutch is 

just as easy as speaking French and writing French.


Je pense que les trains en France sont très beaux à cause de la multitude de types d'équipements différents.



The micro is nearing its end that it is finished, of course it is never finished, but it is a way for me to continue building with another expansion.The extension will consist of a piece of local track with a piece that will disappear from view.


The track that remains visible is the track that leads to a connection of a local factory.


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Hi Alex, interesting!   I can speak tolerable French, (I have lived here for 16 years!),  but Dutch is much harder for me,  Many years ago I worked on a contract in Scheveningen and Den Haag, but only for a few months, and all my Dutch collegues spoke perfect English!   Yes, SNCF do have a huge range of motive power, but many of the older types are disappearing, and many rural lines  are being closed!     Keep on with Models!


Grtz Mike

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A friend of mine collect French trains without a layout,this was my first acquaintance to it ,.In the beginning i saw it as , no not my style.

Later when i´m older i was serious to collect them but many of a whole warehouse, some models are my interest ,

while the belgian railways showed my interest again.


I had already collected the Belgian railways and I had also built a model railroad after the Belgian example, later you find out that you will like certain models more beautiful as you get older.

That is why I collect french and belgian trains that show my interest, so limited and looking at their use. Trains that are suitable for running small lanes and short trains. This also applies to trains and railcars.You could also see this as an example if you are unfamiliar with the English railways. Start limited and see with time what you think is important or not. You can always choose to go bigger.

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Time limit


When it comes to a time limit, you have to act quickly, especially if you have promised in advance to stand somewhere during club open days.

My contribution to the open days is that I always come up with small projects, and show what is possible in a small space and that you enjoy it when you receive compliments from the visitors.


Chiots goes along to the open days of a club that I am friends with.I once had regional exposure in the local newspaper and broadcaster, with an interview, I found myself enjoying that, especially because you get recognition for the work you have made.


I started with a temporary black box as a partition for the whole. It will be simple, I will change trains by means of cassettes and, above all, tell how I made something.


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