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Printing just part of a Scalescenes page

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Is there a way of printing just segments of a page of Scalescenes without affecting the size and scaling? Being a tight Yorkshireman I’d like to save printer ink when I’ve just damaged one bit or when I need just four more brink arches!


i usually print the downloads direct from my phone or iPad but I do have a MacBook I could use as well



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I think this will be a case of looking into yours printer settings to see if you can print a small area. I wouldn’t be too hopeful though and you may have to accept a full page. My problem is that I don’t do much colour printing so the inks dry up, so maybe it’s better to get value by using them. 

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It's a PDF file so you can use "Take a Snapshot" from the edit menu.  Use your mouse to highlight the area you want to print then right click on Print. 


I build Scalescenes in 7mm so I have to print parts of the page at 175% scaling.



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23 minutes ago, dasatcopthorne said:

not allowed.

It was a light hearted comment about what today about my sheets of left over brick work. Not meant to be taken seriously!

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