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Newport (Parrog) Branch Line Terminus, 1930s (OO Gauge)

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Final plan (hopefully) - removed the bay platform so I can have more room in the sidings. Had a problem with the goods shed and lack of room behind it for loading/unloading, but I can get away with end-loading doors as they had those at Cardigan and Crymmych Arms (albeit without the track passing through the building - a little artistic licence in use here).

Newport Station v.3.5.jpg

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Here's a quick sketch suggestion for you.



You can see it's very similar, just some slight re-arrangements and a bit of a curve.

The curve allows the yard to open up more and for the lines to reach into the far corner.

Putting the goods shed on the run round spur opens up the yard even more.

The run round loop is just long enough to clear 3 coaches.

The shed track traps the run round loop.

Plain track before the first point allows locos to stay on scene while they run round and lets you see the Home signal better.


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