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Hi Everyone,


I am  new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself.

I have just started building a set of tables for an 8x2ft end to end layout in my spare room. For several years I have made false starts and ummed and ahhed over what to do for my layout. I have now made my decision, I would like to make a semi-prototypical layout of Salisbury shed in April 1963. I have been able to get lots of good pictures and info from a local history group. Salisbury also allows for an interesting mix Western and Southern region stock both allocated and passing through. And with a reasonable mix of Diesel and steam as well.


The layout will feature a mix of landscapes, including a bridge over a residential road, sidings and scratch built (my first) shed, a siding for the Salisbury/Bemerton calcium carbonate and... we will see what else. I hope to share my build blog on here if anyone would be I interested, and keep updating on my traction and rolling stock as I go.



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Thanks Ian,

There will be pics of course with updates, and hopefully some set stock lists once I work out what I am putting with the locos. The shed is on Cherry Orchard Lane at the far West of the depot, near the Sewerage Farm. The shed was 72B until 19262 and then 70E until 67 and was later demolished in the 1980s.

I would put some pics of the shed itself up but I do not have any of my own, only what people have posted elsewhere. If you like, a quick google of 'Southern engine shed Salisbury' brings lots of photos, it is the very large shed with multiple roof sections.

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