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Twickenham MRC fights back in this difficult time for clubs

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Twickenham & District MRC, like most other clubs, has suffered a bit during this pandemic. Not only have we not been able to use our clubrooms, our two public events have had to be cancelled - Our club OPEN DAY and our 'pop-up' exhibition in Twickenham Library.


These two events are our shop window to attract new members, but they are also a major source of income.


Like many clubs we are keeping our club members informed and entertained with newsletters, quizes and other 'on line' events, but we needed to somehow make up for the loss of our fund-raising events.


So we are selling donated s/h items on ebay - firstly items donated by members, but we are reaching out to the wider community via social media. There must be many people who have 'found' old models (and toy trains!) during lockdown and we are appealing to them to support our club by donating these which we can then sell on.


And we have had success! Our appeal is bearing fruit, we are getting donations from our local community and so we now reach out to RMwebbers too. If anyone reading this has any old models which you would be prepared to donate to our club please send me a PM. We can , given time, collect from a wide range of places in London and the South East.


Now just to show the wide range of items donated so far - here are just a couple of recent donations from local Twickenham residents who had them in theirb loft for 50 years!





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I would just like to thank the two RMwebbers who have donated a significant amount of s/h models to Twickenham & District MRC since reading my original post. We will sort them and list them on ebay.


If anyone else would like to donate unwanted models - any type, any gauge, any condition - please send me a PM or contact the club chairman on [email protected]



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The generosity of Twickenham & District MRC members has been amazing - members and RMwebbers have rallied round to donate models that have gone a long way to replace the lost income from our open day.


However, things like rent, insurance and building maintenance still need to be paid for and the club has managed to gain publicity in the local area via the Hounslow Borough Business & Services Facebook group and hopefully that might bear some fruit as members donations are gradually running out.

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  • Phil Parker changed the title to Twickenham MRC fights back in this difficult time for clubs

Another 'positive' from the current situation is the re-launch of a T&DMRC monthly magazine. For the last few years the club has mainly relied on news emails which have sometimes included newsletters from specific layout groups within the club, but from December we will have a proper club magazine which will help knit the club together as one entity.


As part of this we have resurrected an old club motto. 'THINK CLUB'


We thought of using 'one for all, all for one!' but apparently that's already be taken:jester:


If anyone reading this has any T&DMRC memories or anecdotes or photos please send them to [email protected] as we want the magazine to cover as wide a scope as possible.



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